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Hyperbowling is a revolutionary new way to bowl! This living, interactive experience is the perfect blend of real life bowling in a video game experience. Every ball is different and there are new challenges every turn. Hit the colorful targets to increase your score! Lights change, Levels change and with one single ball even winners can change! HyperBowling is exciting and fast paced fun that let’s everyone get in on the game!
You can play from one hour up to as long as you desire. Your play time is one hour, two hours or even more!
No , there are no dress codes. We suggest easy going wearings, but remember: your on a night out. During the game, you are obligated to wear our bowling shoes.
By HyperBolwing your score is increased by hitting the mulipier colorfull targets on the lanes. Each pin down is good for 100 points. Hitting a target, triggers a multiplier. The score is calculated automatically and directly shown on your screen. Choose Classic Bowling for regular bowling scores.
Above each lane is your monitor. Here you can see your current score.